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Immata unites all your current and future cards in One App, bringing you financial comfort and endless opportunities in realizing your dreams. Simply, genius.

Unified point of interaction with financial tools like check and credit cards, loan and mortgage, bank deposits, taxes (payment and return), credit ranking, financial planning, investments, insurance etc.
All finance here.
Transfer money. Worldwide.
Immata is a significantly better way to transfer money worldwide without rubbish exchange rates. Unlike the usual banks, Immata speak to you like real human - in chat or voice. You can forget about hidden fees and trust Immata AI.
All of your buying gets a colour category on your timeline, so you can always control it visually. Also Immata has visualisation not only spending, but getting money too on the same graph. Want to track your mony or trying to save for vacation? Immata helps you, be sure.
All your money in one place
Of course you expect your finances to be secure and your data kept private. That's why Immata uses Intelligence Encryption Algorithms.
Bulletproof security level.
— Multi-factor authentication: every time use your unique 4-digit code
— Enjoy continuous protection with built-in security scanning
— High level encryption protects your personal data
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what you need and Immata will do the rest.

Pre-order your Immata ID and find out your financial potential
Please read Immata's legal agreements and terms carefully before applying for a Immata ID. Details on access to interbank exchange rates available are clearly laid out in the terms along with all applicable fees and charges when you spend abroad. Services shown here are all representative. There is no arrangement between Immata and any of the banks, card issuers or networks and all queries should be directed to us.

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